Healthcare isn’t language accessible

My history as an informal translator for the non-english speakers of my family inspired me to dig into why. This mobile app helps non-english speakers find and maintain consistent relationships with their doctors.


Quickly Find Doctors Nearby

Most services don’t highlight important factors like location convenience and a clear distinction between a doctor that offers translators or speaks the native language.


Appointment Awareness

Phone calls are the most popular and comfortable method for older parents. While many are conditioned to expect language friction, here parents can collect themselves to schedule or change an appointment.


Use a Live Dictionary

While the app would already be localized in one’s native language, medical terminology is still indecipherable. Here, patients can get clarity on highlighted terms like dialysis, pulmonary embolism, or thrombosis.


Optimized Views

WHere, patients can view their upcoming appointments, paperwork deadlines, or due dates in two different forms. One’s network solves person-based memory while the calendar solves date-based memory.


Pay Bills on Time

Financial literacy is also important. Here, instead of asking family members to help make payments that could be delayed online, patients can schedule payments directly from their calendar.