Uniqlo Sustainability

What if business strategies became 100% sustainable by making customers accountable?

A brand campaign with small, practical solutions for customers to extend their clothing lifecycles. In addition, a conceptual business partnership meets at-home needs.

Understanding the Problem

Uniqlo is a newcomer to sustainability, but their movement feels marketing driven. Customers often can't believe or relate because companies have low visiblity behind the scenes.

Source ingredients, manufacturing partners, and donation commitments - for those who do their research or are already informed, Uniqlo looks insincere with their popular clothing lines.

The Solution

Concept a non-disruptive but pro-active campaign for customers

Having small practices that customers engage in would communicate Uniqlo's movement and effortlessly add to customer lifestyles.

Understanding Perspectives

Customers care about brands because they reflect lifestyle choices

In addition, Uniqlo's products shouldn't change because customers rely on previous associations

Surveying Competitor Landscapes

Uniqlo has the opportunity to stand out from their fast fashion competitors and stay affordable

They also have the platform

Defining Goals

The shopping process is an opportunity to satisfy customer and business needs


Pre: Business Needs

Attract new customers

Expose customers at multiple touchpoints and integrate non-disruptive practices into their lifestyles

Increase Sustainable purchases

Strengthen brand appeal to existing customers

Increase Uniqlo line purchases

Strengthen brand appeal to newcoming customers

Post: Customer Needs

Maintain affordability

Respect the current target-market and their family budget

Contribute conveniently

If environmental contribution is easy, they' remain loyal to the brand

Increase altruism

Feeling proactive in the big eco-conscious movement can be impactful

Defining Visual Design

Alignment with existing Techwear and Eastern Minimalism

Sustainability "CleanTech" would join Uniqlo's existing brandlines: HeatTech and BlockTech. Out of 3 directions, I chose nature to connect with urban customers. Textures, asymmetrical alignment, and heavy contrast would highlight imagery.


Sound in a Bottle

Most of the imagery inspired the idea of noise in physical installations, making customers feel closer to the environment their clothing came from.


Sound in a Bottle

Much of the styleboard focused on way to bring out background imagery: delicate typography, diagonal elements, and textured patterns.

Design System

A system that spans across multiple physical and digital products

Because the fashion industry relies heavily on images to communicate information, I specified grids, type, iconography, and image treatments.