Increase loyal readers

Forbes asked for conceptual ideas on how to increase return visitors thereby increasing profit. Stakeholders involved were the CEO, CFO, and a developer. I created a mobile application to surface industry game changers and follow their development.


Consumption is Changing

Newspaper journalism is becoming obsolete. In many ways it has reinvented new ways to be seen and many of these efforts involve presence on social media to entertain.

The average person only spend 15 minutes a day reading compared to 2.5 hours of watching. Besides the content itself, I took inspiration from video previews and how they market content, most specifically: people drive the content.


Readers aren't inspired

Currently Forbes’ content approach is to capture live content and operate like a broadcast. Meanwhile, their magazine equivalent champions long form journalism, insightful, and meaningful stories.

Rather than become a news channel, Forbes can leverage their existing audience to attract and keep newcomers.


But they value hustle

Internal metrics showed more usage of Forbes from young adults ages 18 to 34 over adults who are older. This made sense - these readers are active in the industry and have a hunger for knowing who, what, and where the big players are so they can become one themselves someday.

In addition, 55% the audience accesses Forbes through mobile.


Discover Game Changers

Here, readers are able to see the top contributors of a specific industry. A reader can find the industry of their interest to access insider content like audio interviews detailing paths to success while commuting.


Discover Young Stars

Here, readers are able to see the pool of up-and-coming contributors to an industry. Tying current events to the successes of these rising stars fulfills both the curiosity about what’s going on and who’s doing it.


Never Miss Out

Here readers can follow a saga, or ongoing collection of rising stars related to an industry. Building a library encourages readers to return. Providing rich previews manages reader expecations and prevents them from being dissapointed.


Get Deep with Friends

Here readers can explore sagas that friends annd acquaintences felt were intriguing or inspiring. Readers gain access to socially vetted content and build immediate circles to their various social circles.


The Underdog Story

All 4 interviewees believes underdog success is relateable inpsiring. From college dropouts to growing up as an immigrant to coming from nothing, readers of Forbes were pulled to these magnifying stories. It also gave them insight on who is pulling the strings.


Feedback on Initial Direction

My first idea was inspired by Medium’s highlighted quotes and threads. Here readers could vet content quality by feeling connected to their community.

Discussions lived inside specific content and let readers jump to stories commenters have read previously, read next, or saved. My design peers felt this idea was convoluted and didn’t push the boundaries.

Visual Design


Accomplishments can be monumental. My first approach focused on money, finance, and crypto. After realizing this style would not fit the most recent solutions I switched it up.